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My name’s Surya Nihalani and I think a lot. I often find myself lost in thought, contemplating one thing or another. And since I had such a plethora of thoughts in my mind, I was aching to get some of it out. But unfortunately I had nobody to listen to me. So I started writing all of it down in a notebook.

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It’d been a while since then, and the notebook was almost full. I was mulling over what to do. But one night I was visited by the Owl of Wisdom in my dreams. The Owl, being full of wisdom, advised me to share mine with the world. So in search of an audience and a few extra pages, I’ve decided to publicize all that my notebook contains.

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Inside, you might find a lot worth reading. Poems, philosophy, dream logs, short stories and a lot more. I appreciate feedback in every way possible, so the comment section is at your disposal.

Well then, jump right in and praise the Sun!